Outdoor dreaming

We didn’t have much luck at the antiques market. I went with a list as long as my arm and it went something like this; lamps, rugs, consoles, tables, chairs. Except we found none of that only some cool chairs for the cabin. I noticed however when we got there signs saying early buyers can enter at 6am! So I think it may have gotten well picked over before we arrived. Hey ho!  Maud also got really bored and kept putting the brakes on so I had to carry her around, which didn’t help. Next flea market will probably be Paris, you  may pay more but the choices are so much cooler and its disappointing to go all that way for very little!

Lets talk about outside shall we. The thing that I love about this time of year is how we all gravitate outside far more. Without trying to sound too hippy dippy I feel very connected to nature when I’m pottering outside and I like nothing more on the weekend than being a homebody. Pj’s, cooking, gardening, papers, walks with the M’s, playing music – chillin I guess you call it. I happen to think gardens get a bit neglected.

That ubiquitous patch of lawn in the middle with shrubs around the outside (if you’re lucky) just doesn’t cut the mustard these days when it’s so easy to turn even the smallest space into something super cool, just check out the slide show.  You don’t need to spend a fortune either. I have bamboo tall as anything down one side of my walled garden and scented jasmine the other, neither of which is very expensive. Growing things from seedlings can give you years of enjoyment although I am way too impatient for that (windows have actually had to be removed) with some of the trees I have gotten for this house. What turns outside spaces around is the furnishings like any room right? Some old wooden table and cool chairs,  outdoor lamps (super obsessed with string ones right now) are amazing. Any kind of  impromptu side table, rug, pouf for lounging and hanging out, anything goes. If I lived in a hot country I think I would never be indoors like ever. You’d find me pottering al fresco, wondering exactly why I don’t change my life like right now.


All the pictures from the slide show are from Anthena Calderone’s two pads her Brooklyn loft which I had the pleasure of shooting for my book Colourand her country abode!


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