Forgive the lack of Friday’s post I’m a bit under the weather, still suffering with fluctuating temps and a bad cold, not nice! We have a big week ahead, sales that have gone out of control ( unbelievably we have sold out of many items on our new label). Get this thousands and thousands of stems of the botanical’s. I keep having to pinch myself because my in my wildest dreams I didn’t predict this happening and although its a lovely problem to have it is a big fat problemo. Every morning I wake up and go into the sales email and there are hundreds of orders for our collection. Incredible! Plus I haven’t even gotten anything in store yet, it’s beyond crazy. Back on a plane Gem and I go. Oh and we also  start work on our Heal’s space this week – like I said a crazy week.

Let’s talk interiors shall we, or pendants at least.

I am pendant obsessed, pretty obvious I know when you look round my pad and by the way I’m calling everything a pendant from chandeliers to industrial looking gold things. Why am I so obsessed you may ask – well because they are the most perfect finishing touch to any room. Not only do they add a flourish they act like full stops or exclamation marks. I think people go wrong in getting ones that are way too small and therefore they hardly make an impression.

Here are my top tips

Ditch the cluster

I’m not a fan of clustering pendants, its a little to iddy biddy for me and its like decorating by numbers.  Everyone is doing it from show homes to local cafes. It doesn’t look spectacular– bored of! Go for one big statement piece it will look far more amazing.

Chose an interesting material to delight the eye

Metal is fab, particularly gold – it will stand out, bounce the eye around and look super glam. Glass, clay whatever takes your fancy and works with your interior. Win win!

Play with volume

Put a big pendant over a small table, or hang a chandelier lower than feels comfortable so its feel like a major part of the room. It also creates intimacy – imagine a low hung pendant next to a comfy armchair. Don’t you just want to curl up and read, I know I do!

By the way you don’t have to just supersize – tiny lights look fab on their own (non clustered) because you’re playing around with scale in a whole different way.

That’s me done have a good day




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