Plants, flowers and our new spring collection

It’s an early one in store today. The plan putting in all the new stock. We’re behind schedule on the painting of the store and the getting in of all the new stuff because I suddenly have to run to India on the weekend with Gem.  It’s a totally unexpected, out of the blue trip which we only found out about on Monday and has involved numerous juggling of schedules.  We’ve had to pull back on the store to make zillions of calls to the consulate (we need a business visa and you don’t get those without a signed letter from a company in India inviting you over and that has proved, lets just say – eventful).  Plus with the time difference between the two countries it’s been a little crazy sorting it all out.

We know by the end of the day if it’s a go on India so will keep you guys posted as it will mean no blog for much of next week. Back to the store, we’re not finished on the painting due to yesterday’s crazy day but we nearly are. Today all the new plants, flowers, chandeliers, cushions and some new desks go in. I’m expecting a very long day oh and we are obviously still closed. Thursday we should be back to normal but it totally depends on how this day shapes up.

What is keeping me going is my plants – think succulents, figs, eucalyptus, and ferns (amazing) ferns plus cactus and a whole host of other things.  All of course faux but so darn realistic it’s uncanny. Plus our new spring flowers have arrived which we cannot wait to get out; Gem is in with me today creating magic with them.

We plan to have them up on the website early next week if and only if I manage to finish everything today as we can then shoot tomorrow. Of course if I’m not going to India it’s a little less pressure, but as   Billie Jean King says and said ‘pressure is a privilege’!

Too true!

Here is a picture that has been sitting on my desktop for a while Рthe caf̩ at Terrain at Westport. If only we had this much space and plants this size hey!

Terrain cafe

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