Quick fix styling tips

If you’re anything like me then patience is not something that comes easily. I want instant results. I’m happy to work at things (its not a lazy issue) but ask me to wait three years for a few plants to grow and its not gonna happen.

Quick fixes is the name of the game which leads me nicely to this post- super easy styling tips to revamp your pad. I used to be a stylist in the good old days but I’ve found coming up with the concept of our shoot today and working out the shots with Gem one of the hardest things ever. Probably because I’m so fussy and this time I’m the client so I’m analysing everything, drilling down into angles, locations, the whole concept – everything a zillion times over. I’ve been the client before of course, but this time its different. Thus new collection is bigger than ever before and I wanted to shake things up a little. Get this I barely slept, says the stylist who can normally throw things together pretty darn quickly. I guess when it’s your butt on the line and everything you’ve worked for, and thought about for the last year it ain’t so easy. No pressure on today then!

Enough about that lets talk easy peasy quick fire tips:

Rethink your lighting: If you can supersize the odd table lamp, or pendant light or even floor you’ll be amazed at the difference it makes. A la yesterday’s post. If you can’t then opt for lighting that besides being practical is decorative and beautiful. For our own label I’ve gone down a bit of a glam cowboy route so lighting that feels homely but looks sumptuous and cool. Lighting is one of the most important things you can do to any space ever so don’t neglect I say!

Paint out your rads: Radiators are ugly unless you’ve got beautiful old school ones, and even those I’ve painted out, apart from the metal ones of course. Take the attention away from them by painting them out the same colour as your walls in an eggshell finish you won’t even notice they are there!

Add mirrors: I am probably banging on about this on a daily basis but mirrors are such an important decorating tool not only do they expand horizons and add depth they add an extra embellishment to walls and are the perfect way to refresh a space!

Add a rug: Runners and rugs instantly give a space a new lease of life. If I ever need to jazz up an area I’ll always start with the rug!

Refresh doors with new hardware: I often use wall hooks as door handles because they are so much bigger and you’ll be e surprised at how cool they make anything look like wardrobes and doors. It’s the easiest simplest trick on the planet.

Gotta run, 2 hours to kick off. Have a lovely day!


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