With my new Decoding Design feature I’m planning on taking the mystery out of all those troublesome questions like – what are the coolest house plants around; how to mix ballsy egoistical hues next to quiet restrained ones; designer tricks that you can steal, 6 ways to wake up walls and so on. Seriously you can’t imagine the possibilities they are quite literally endless, and so exciting! Today to kick-start the feature I wanted to take a couple of pages out of my online class (amazing response by the way to everyone who has already reserved a place) and focus on one of the most neglected rooms in our homes the hallway!

If you have a small hallway, narrow, no natural light and not big enough to swing a cat in (not that I would recommend doing that btw) – high five to you. I love challenging rooms. The trick is to decorate them like you would the grandest room in your house. Cosy them up add layers and push the colour palette. I promise you it will make coming home way more fun! Biggest trick out there – paint that ceiling out the same colour as the walls, and the trim and the doors – I know its scary stuff but you have to trust me.

Layer walls with art, skim a rug on the floor and before long you could have on your hands a hallway as cool as my sisters (see below)!

Skinny consoles and tables are great for such spaces (Ikea do fabulous lacquer ones) which I then ramp up with flowers, art etc. and even better they double duty as storage for umbrella’s, doggy stuff all the day to day things.

Add a cool light fixture it will make the space feel grander than it really is (even better if you super size), maybe do something cool with the stairs (paper or paint the risers) or tack rug remnants to the treads. Hell you can even fake a runner and use a cool paint colour to paint the treads (see below).

Lets not forget hooks. We’ve just starting stocking these hooks such beauties (oh and a little secret) I’ve ordered them in copper and am using them as door handles on my new wardrobe and they look amazing!

So many quick savvy fixes and so little time!

Happy Tuesday x

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