Rookie decorating mistakes to avoid

Today I’m debunking those common rookie mistakes that we all make when we’re starting out. These are the bad habits we need to shake off! The fab thing about decorating is the more you get stuck into it, the better the results will be. More than anything else, style is all about confidence so here goes:

Furniture that’s all the same scale. You’ll need to vary the scale and break up the levels. As counter-intuitive as this sounds larger scale pieces will actually make your room feel bigger, no matter how big or small it is in the first place!

Forgetting a rug. Rugs are game changers. They ground a space and make it feel so much more complete. Also it’s a fab opportunity to bring in some colour and pattern. It pulls a space together, defines different areas and cosifies everything up. Winner!

One-stop shopping. As much as we all want an easy life you can’t buy everything all from one store. Choosing furniture from a catalogue makes any room look dull and its uncreative. You’ll need a mix of pieces –vintage, high street, crafty – it takes time but the pay off is you’ll have one of the coolest pads on the planet.

Making lighting an afterthought. Lighting should never be neglected as it can totally make or break your space. Think floor lamps, table lamps, candles, statement pendants, the whole shebang!


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