Scoring my bathroom

Scoring my bathroom

Welcome to day two of my fun and fabulous blog posts for the month of January. Yesterday I launched my very own AA design-ometer, to help you go through every step you’ll need to transform a room.

As anyone who’s been to my Design Classes and had the tour of my pad over the years knows, I am not a fan of my bathroom! The decision that we made 12 years ago to opt for a limestone floor bothers me immensely. It was perfect in my boring Scandi days, but a total disaster now as any color I pair with it highlights the slabs not diminishes them. So yesterday I ran down how to score your room, so let’s get down to business and rank mine!

Statement features? The chandelier makes a massive statement, but it’s really the only thing in the room to draw your eye so you read the space too quickly. I need three statement features for full marks on the design-ometer, so not so hot there.

Lighting? Non-existent! Well not literally, I don’t shower in the dark but there are only spots in the ceiling which are a big fat ZERO on the design-ometer. Plus the chandelier is an old sample piece that only has candles… which I never get round to lighting. Fail!

Metallic accents? Nope.

Textures? The nubbly vases on the mantle are scoring some points for me here, but otherwise it’s a bit flat and one-dimensional.

Flowers or plants? You can’t see all of them in this image but I’ve added faux ferns, succulents and cosmos, thankfully boosting the score a bit here.

Scent? I use beautiful Aesop toiletries and hand wash so they scent the space, even without extra candles or room fragrance. Kind of cheating, but hey.

Artwork? Nope. And you definitely can have artwork in the bathroom, so there’s no excuse.

Total score? 4.4. BAD! No wonder I hate it. Statement features are few and far between apart from the chandelier of course, lighting is non-existent, textures are one-dimensional or non-existent and on and on I could go. Using the design-ometer highlights immediately what is missing and makes it so much easier to remedy the problem. The floor has to go, I have to introduce a ton more texture, lighting, scent, metallics, basically start over…

This rating system actually takes the mystery out of getting a room right, because apart from the limestone floor (which I always knew was bad), drilling down into it like this helps pick out what’s missing and how to improve.

Designing a space is so much easier than you think when you’ve literally got a checklist and a rating system, it takes the mystery out. If you guys haven’t already, find an unloved room in your pad and subject it to some brutally honest design-ometer scoring. Rather than being all at sea, it will instantly highlight the problem and how to solve it too. Yay hay, that is how we are rolling in 2015. Drilling into problems, solving them and creating something spectacular!

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