1) You all know I adore the M’s (and I have pics of them around my pad too), but this is in honour of my original M – Molly. She was a fox terrier, so when I found this oil painting of fox terriers at a flea I knew I had to have it. I simply hung it from a pair of bulldog clips, and it sits above my desk as a constant reminder of her.

2) This wooden bust makes me smile. I found him at an antiques market – he’s all attitude and I often use him as a perch to plonk my sunglasses! He was the inspiration for my bronze head bust of course… I couldn’t resist adding a metallic bling twist and making the sunglasses part of the sculpture.

3) These are jars of pastel pigment, which I used when I was first creating my paint range. At that point I became totally obsessed with pigments and pastels, and my favourite hues got pride of place on the shelf (that would be Hudson, Madison and Mulberry, if you’re asking!). I want to expand the paint range soon so I’m on the hunt for fresh colour inspiration, and I reckon I’ll have to hotfoot it back to Paris for more pastels. They come from this incredible place, La Maison du Pastel, which is the oldest pastel manufacturer in the world.

4) I have a pretty big library of magazines from around the world… mostly interiors, but also fashion, food and design. They’re not just for reference, but are also a constantly changing decorative display by turning some of them front facing. This is a great tip for most bookcases – it breaks up all the straight lines of spines and adds instant intrigue.

5) I adore this twin wall sconce lamp. It gives me the luxe, gentleman’s club vibe I am constantly hankering over. When I lived in the States I noticed that everyone over there was completely comfortable with fixing wall lights and paintings to the outside of their shelves. Not something you see so much of over here, but personally I love it.


Clockwise from top left: COLOUR by Abigail Ahern | Twin wall sconce | Maud art print | Cameron library cabinet | Bronze head bust | Hudson Black paint | Broom bud vases | Barney Bird accessory

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