Style on a shoestring

Wow guys thank you for all your amazing amazing comments yesterday now I feel totally inspired and really do want to launch a magazine! There’s just a few slight hiccups i.e financing and time but I totally and utterly agree with all of you’re comments. I shall put my thinking cap on to see if I can pull if off.

I need to get inspired today – its a design day. I’m working on an apartment with a teeny tiny  budget for someone who isn’t totally into interiors. So I have two challenges, one to pull out all the stops and make the space look like a million dollars on no money, and two convert said homeowner over to the dark side so that  they too become addicted and obsessed with interiors. Second part is easy (she says with fingers crossed). First part slightly more challenging. Style as I say a billion times has nothing to do with money I just have to think outside the box. So aside from painting (the most transformative thing you can do to any room) I need to get creative. Auction houses, eBay, preloved and gum tree are very good places to look for stuff that is resonable. Its the shape you need to concentrate on as the colour can always be changed. Also for those of you living in this country (apologies to everyone else for a moment) some of our chain stores have really upped their game. John Lewis, Tesco Direct (brought some quite cool chairs there recently) ,B&Q not bad for lighting , are all offering some rather affordable options that are stylish..

Playing around with scale is the next trick up my sleeve so I’m on the hunt for super tall lights, or teeny tiny lights so I can mix it up and create a magical vibe. Pattern is intrinsic as it adds instant  depth so cushions, a rug if the budget stretches, patterned ceramics that sort of thing. Nearly there I just need some texture (thinking about wallpaper) it adds the wow factor and also adds texture. Then I just need to  plonk (sorry artfully place) some faux flowers around the pad and wham bam I might just be there.

I’ve had these two image on my desktop for some time, its Soho House in New York and it personifies to me what a good interior is all about. Sophisticated, comfy, super cool, squishy and lived in! I need to nail this kind of look for my new client just on a very limited budget!

It’s nearly the weekend yay. Whilst it’s mostly a working one for me I have decided that the kids (Mungo and Maud obviously not kids but they feel a bit like them) are breakfasting out. Papers, coffee and something just out of the oven from Violets. Yum! Obviously we have to sit outside (in the snow) and it’s a pretty funny sight. Maud acting more like a little person than a dog doesn’t like to sit on the pavement she prefers benches or chairs. Guessing she doesn’t like to get a cold bottom which I can completely relate to! So she gets her own chair, Mungo being a boy doesn’t quite get it and would prefer to sit on the pavement but as Maud is elevated he wants to be too. He gets my lap and then the fun begins, trying to juggle coffee, some delicious yummy muffin from Violets, the papers, trying to feed me, give a smidge to them and possibly read is not so easy. But hey

Happy weekend

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