Style Showdown: Boho vs Glam

I am a mixed bag when it comes to style. There’s a lot of styles I love to play with, even when they’re downright conflicting! So I thought we could put it to the vote and have a style showdown if you will. I’ll show some of my favourite interiors that nail different styles, and you let me know in the comments which one you prefer.

First up we’ve got boho vs glam. This is a super tough call for me. Fundamentally a place has to feel relaxed and not uptight, that’s my number one priority. So I’ll never go for a really formal look, like making sure everything’s symmetrical. Relaxed, boho living adds an edge and also gets those all important layers which I love. Bringing elements of boho into any style immediately softens your look and allows it to become more carefree.

But on the other other hand I find full-on rustic or all-out boho is too one dimensional. I also clamour for handsome deco and touches of glamour. Too much vintage or flea shop finds can be fusty, or add a tinge of madwoman’s attic which I try to avoid! I’m always swept up and seduced by the old-school glamour of the perfect Parisian apartment, I’m thinking brass elements, sparkling chandeliers, parquet flooring and panelled walls with velvet sofas. Swoon.

So which camp are you in: boho or glam? Take a scroll through the slideshow and make your pick. The trick of course is to harmoniously meld the two of them together, but I’m being unfair here and making you choose!


Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 13.53.27

Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 13.52.06



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