05 Mar

Chair Talk & Flash Sale

Lets talk chairs. Chairs as well as being practical are an important decorating tool. I have a bit of a thing about them and have been known to put them everywhere and anywhere.  On landings to enliven, in the garden in groupings, alone against a pillar, everywhere. Something that I do or attempt to do in each and every room is to make sure one chair at least has an interesting point a view, because the odd spare chair totally and utterly wakes up the room. It might be made from an interesting material (concrete say) or be covered in an...
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20 Jan

January’s Journal now LIVE

January’s Journal has just gone live – yay hay! (click here to see) Very proud of this one, hope you guys love it as much as I do. Oodles of things about styling bookcases, mantles and shelves. The low down on some decorating secrets, stuff on what we’re reading and clicking as well as a sneak peak into my forum! So the cover is a corner of my bedroom: The low down on how to style mantles, shelves and consoles A sneak peak into my forum, how cool is that room. You can join my forum by clicking here Each...
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10 Jan

Don’t try so hard

How is it Friday already, the days are whizzing by way too fast. Before we know it January will be out the door. It’s a working on the house weekend for moi by the end of Sunday I need to have both floors painted out in the studio and the bedroom and bathroom painted also. Not sure if that is at all possible, 2 floors and 2 new rooms by the end of the weekend but that is the intention. As I was painting away late into last night I was thinking if I had to nail what single trick...
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