The low down on layering up rugs successfully

We can be a bit funny about layering rugs don’t you think?  Happy to layer clothes or our beds with additional throws and pillows but when it comes to the floor we back off. Wonder why? There are so many reasons to do it; I can think of oh at least 5!


Use rugs as a highlight

Layering a smaller rug over a bigger rug adds an immediate highlight a definition if you like to any area. Sometimes enormous floating rugs can sap the energy in a space, layering a smaller rug on top brings the emphasis back into the room. Same applies if you have wall-to-wall carpeting especially if it’s in a solid hue. Float a smaller patterned rug on top and magic happens.


Add an extra spot of warmth

A small sheepskin in the corner or at the end of the bed adds a cosy additional layer. Suddenly you’re space comes alive, feels more sumptuous, textured and cool all by plonking a sheepskin on top of a rug. Clever no?


Add contrasting textures

The trick when you are layering rugs is to not match your weaves. So you would want something a bit more wooly and slubby and lux over jute say.  Conversely put a Berber over a flat weave so you get this really interesting intermingling of textures and weaves, slubby and flat.


Smaller rugs help out the budget

Finding a huge rug that fits the whole floor is not only costly but time consuming. I find rugs one of the hardest things to buy especially large ones so a trick I use quite often it to butt up quite a few small ones together which cuts the budget in half whilst giving me the rug coverage I need!


Breaking up a solid

When you select rugs try and steer clear from two many solidly hued ones.

You don’t really want to layer or butt up a solid against another solid block of colour. Opt instead for a good shot of pattern however subtle that may be. I’ve got the subtlest pattern going on in all my rugs but it makes the floors look so much cooler. Promise!


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