Things To Do in London This Weekend

Things To Do in London This Weekend

I rarely get a whole weekend off (boo hoo and cue morbid violin strings)! But it’s something I am working on changing. I thought it would be fun to list my favourite things to do in town as I happen to have it off from the coolest foodie places to eat to places to shop.


Let’s start with food because weekend brunch is one of my most favourite ways to kick things off.

Towpath Cafe

This place flies very neatly under the radar. Located on the Haggerston bit of the canal, it re-opens in March having been closed from the end of October. It's all outdoor seating no matter the weather and there's nothing I like better than taking a ramble with the M's there. There is no grand announcement (no website) but as one of its fan's I literally cannot wait. Seasonal and delish, it marks the start of Spring for me. I plump for the yummiest granola and flat white and its regularly on my weekend to do list.  


Located in Newington Green I love this space, it’s an all-day cafe and bakery. Recently discovered I feel like I'm in Williamsburg. Think exposed plaster walls, salvaged tables, chalkboard menu's, hand thrown ceramics and the food is homely and healthy, oh and I can take the kids! 

Bulk Market, Mare Street

This is a zero-waste store selling grains, legumes, fresh veggies, spices and so much more. Bring in jars and containers to stock up and check out the tiny DIY beauty bar. Customers are encouraged to create a multitude of products, there is mineral clays, essential oils, cosmetic butters, dried flower petals, natural waxes, salts on and on I could go.  

Hackney Church Brew Company

A few minutes from Bulk Market this fab brewpub serves yummy beers and delsih food, oh and I love the windows. 




Nom Living

Great for handcrafted vessels and bowls, it’s only open on a Sunday I believe so combine with a trip to the flower market and check out all the little boutiques there also.  


Labour and Wait - Shoreditch

Traditional and timeless everyday products for the home. From aprons, to string its honest, wholesome homeware.

Criterion Auctioneers

Literally opposite my store with sales every Monday; I've picked up some incredible bargains here from rugs to huge oil paintings. 


Midcentury Modern Dulwich

This Sunday go to one of the best fairs around for mid-century modern pieces.  You'll find German industrial, American Modernism, Bauhaus with prices from £3 to £3000. It’s always on my radar and over the years I found some incredible pieces. 


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