One minute “the blog is dead” the next it’s making someone rich and famous. It’s hard to keep up, and I can only talk from experience… I’m certainly not an expert. I totally and utterly believe having a blog helps your business. It does two things: firstly it positions you as an authority and secondly due to its content it helps bring in new customers.

Here you my top tips should you be thinking about starting one:

Be consistent. You cannot post sporadically to build an audience you do to frequently post otherwise there is no point.

Create an editorial schedule. In the early days I used to rock out of bed and write whatever came into my head – those days have long gone. I simply don’t have the time, and also I found myself struggling for fresh ideas at 5:00am (funny that!), so it maybe got a bit repetitive. The blog is now mapped out like a magazine. We work one to two months in advance and build content that is intriguing and inspiring.

Write interesting content. People aren’t interested if you are rehashing someone else’s content or writing a load of boring stuff. It’s got to be really great and it can’t be about pushing products – you will turn lots of people off. You need to incite curiosity, make it emotional and resonate with your audience.

Connect. Having a blog is all about connecting with your audience – not pushing sales. You can generate brand awareness without constantly pushing product.

Stand for what you believe in. Make your blog a must read blog otherwise people won’t come back. Write stories, share your world and tell purposeful narratives that are engaging. You’ve got to be writing about what you really love – whether that’s interiors, travel, food, flower arranging or fan theories about a favourite TV programme. Whatever you really care about, get on it!

Ultimately it boils down to one thing – you need to have ideas worth spreading. If you do then having a blog will so help your business, and not just that you’ll get this incredible community of people that you interact and liaise with regularly.


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