Unveiling AW15

It’s feeling like a week of reveals this week as I’m super excited to show you a sneak peak of our new own label A/W collection, photographed as always by the fabulous Graham Atkins Hughes.

AA A/W 2015

Everything will be up on line to co-inside with the new site at the end of the month – counting down! It’s our coolest collection yet especially as we have managed to partner all my obsessions (cowboys, English heritage and the tropics) into one cohesive collection. Which wasn’t easy I might add.

You can see the majority of the faux flower and plant collection over there  from wintery hydrangeas, roses, ferns a beautiful assortment of berries coupled with our exotic faux plant collection. A beautiful selection of bouquets wrapped, stamped and ribboned also features. Infact retailers can now buy our flower shop within a shop should they so wish and get the whole shebang from vessels to house the flowers in to paper, ribbons, stamps  and a  consultation with Gem if they so require tailoring the flowers and plants for their biz.

Our cacti  wows, oversized whimsical stems drop the jaw to the floor, banana leaves are supersized and so much more, even get this a 4 metre Japenses black pine (having a few problems photographing that one so its not on there yet). Everything works with everything that is the best thing about designing stuff yourself. I am so happy with how its turned out.

We’ve gone big on vases since Gem and I are continually frustrated with what’s out there. From mouth blown vessels inspired by the soft desert-y hues of the Sahara to beaded highly embellished vases in the softest milky blue from highly textural gold vases to supersized terracotta ones we’ve gotten a little carried away with them.

Oh and check out our faux leather stools (another obsession) I’ve popped them all over my pad. They are so great as a little occasional table by the side of a chair with a tray or book plopped anywhere and everywhere.

Hope you love the collection as much as we do, its been an epic journey  diving into manufacturer head on, from conception to samples to having massive containers leaving ports across China and India every few days (logistics have given me grey hairs) but its done. Everything as we speak is on the sea and due in in the next few weeks.

Donezo! Well until it all begins again at the beginning of October for the next collection (OMG).

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