Wall art

I’ve spoken about transforming walls with text before so stay with me as I bang on about it again. Super sized letters, rolls of bus roll font, and cute little phases that you can bang off on the computer and then mount in frames look incredibly cute and arty on walls. A great long bus roll canvas is my absolute favourite,  far cheaper than hanging art and very hotel esq – see image below. If you have pale walls and you don’t quite want to come over to the dark side just yet then why not I ask myself (then this is a good way to introduce a bit of graphic darkness )!  Seriously though a roll of this canvas will transform your walls in a nano second and as the home owner has done here you soon get the bug for adding more and more flair to you lair.

By the way if anyone is in charge of the weather could they please do something about the rain apparently its supposed to drizzle the whole week and I am so ready for spring. On the weekend we brought big tubs of rosemary and ferns and now the terrace is looking rather wonderous come rain or no rain I am out there next weekend in my bikini  pottering around (god thats not a good thought to start the week apologises) lets change that to pottering around in pj’s and vest!

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