Weekly revamp: finishing touches

Congrats on a busy week of revamping. You’re almost done! Today we’re just finishing off with those final touches. Stage one: declutter, stage two (this is the much more fun bit): buy yourself some flowers.

First things first is the tidy up I’m afraid. There’s no point doing all that work unless your newly amazing revamped rooms are shown off to their best advantage. Stash those ugly things away – tons of storage or a designated junk drawer are your friends here. It’s amazing how much difference a quick whip-round tidy can do to your space and your mood. If you’re also unlucky enough to live with a clutterbug (or you’re one yourself) here are my tips for tackling the situation head-on. So get down to it by tidying away the ugly mess, then add something beautiful… this is where the flowers come in.


I have flowers in every single room, which maybe sounds a bit diva-ish but now a space just doesn’t feel finished to me without them. It would be a very expensive habit if I always bought fresh! That’s why I had to nail my fauxs and get them perfect. I have fauxs dotted literally all over the place, mantelpieces and consoles, trailing over bookshelves, veiling windows, perking up my bedside table and bathroom counters, in the corner of the downstairs loo, literally everywhere.

Fauxs are my old faithfuls and how I get to dabble and experiment with really out-there things (like our supersized tropicals or cactus), but that’s not to say that I don’t have space for the real thing too. Flower shopping is a treat in itself and I adore my trips to Columbia Road flower market.

The spots I usually reserve for real blooms are my desk and dining table. Either fat headed hydrangea or fragrant blooms are a favourite, I love to pick up wafts of their scent during the day. I like to switch up the dining table arrangement with seasonal finds too. Last time we went to the market Gem bought me some stunning olive branches that looked fabulous plonked in the Walter vase. (We hadn’t had an argument or anything, she just thought I’d like them!)

So there’s no better way to wrap up the weekly revamp I reckon than with flowers. Go out and buy yourself some blooms (real or faux). They’re a treat for you and your pad, win win!

I hope you guys have enjoyed revamping, I’ve actually loved it, it’s made me look at every room in my place with fresh eyes. Looking forward to seeing all your revamped pads over at{mine}…



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