I’m a big fan of this look and all things rustic, ski lodge, cabin inspired! Feels such a perfect meld of casual with luxury, particularly this time of year when it’s getting darker and chillier by the day. The most important element to nailing this look is something that is so often neglected… textural overload. Note how smooth wooden floors hang out with sisal knotted rugs, stacked brick and rough cladding combine, leather chairs, wicker baskets, on and on I could go. All very simple but done so well.

The rustic finishes are softened with touches of greenery, which also adds the only “pops” the colour palette needs. I’ll have a post up tomorrow on decorating with foliage – I’ve been hanging out with Gem at our new flower shop so much that I’ve picked up some tips! Speaking of that colour palette, it’s really tightly reigned in, which makes mixing in so many different elements super easy. Best of all, it’s all finished off with a fire roaring in the grate. I’m moving in!

I’m really enjoying bringing back the “why this works” column. Sometimes you can look at an image (I’ve got reams and reams of them all over my computer desktop) and think you’ll never end up with a pad like that. BUT write down what you like about it and a common thread will emerge, which will kickstart something. It’s not difficult I promise – so much of design and style is being able to figure out that instinctive reaction you have to a space, put it into words and hey presto! I love drilling into why spaces work so I’ll be trying to fit a “why this works” post in each week from here on in. Hope you guys like! Anyway, here’s how you can nab this week’s look…


Screen Shot 2015-10-01 at 15.17.59

Clockwise from top left: Maywood zinc dining table | Boston fern branch | Supersized lantern | Reclaimed weathered wood, Stikwood | Lodge baskets | Folding stool | Trenton rug | Industrial leather chair, Rockett St George | Eat Drink Nap

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