Morning, slightly later than norm as I overslept until 6 then dashed out for a swim. As its getting cooler and darker the number of people swimming outside is getting less and less which suits me just fine. Now I’ve exercised and had my handmade granola, greek yoghurt and berries I’m ready for Monday. So let’s get down to biz with a why this works feature. 

This is a super cool room, but the secret to it’s success is actually pretty simple. Firstly there are fabulous layers, layers everywhere so you don’t instantly know where to look. Then drilling down into it further, there’s a clever use of scale (one of the most underconsidered components in the decorating puzzle, by the way!). Here the supersized mirror and lamp add instant grandeur.

There’s a masterful blend of high/low and tomboy/ glam chucked into the mix. The macho, worn-in safari chairs and a heavy leather console hang out easily with the gold-framed artwork, leopard print rug, marble table and an elegant vase. Might seem like they wouldn’t mesh together well, but here it totally works.

The secret, of course, is that the colour palette is tightly restrained. Just those beautiful cognac/tobacco-esque browns, inky black, and then brightened up with touches of green and gold. Black, green and gold happens to be one of my favourite colour combos at the moment, and it’s a look we’re really embracing in the store! I’ve said it before, but black walls instantly make everything look way, way cooler. I for one love this look, and here’s how you can recreate it at home…

I should say that those chairs are Arne Norell – super cool design classics, but with the price to match. You’d be lucky to nab one for less than £1.5k, so not in everyone’s price range! But panic ye not, there’s some great high street alternatives. French Connection’s safari chairs are on sale now, and much more budget-friendly.

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