Today I wanted to talk gardens, might sound strange as we’re rapidly coming into winter. But stay with me because a garden, balcony or window box should give us year round pleasure I reckon. What’s more this is the perfect time for armchair gardening – dreaming, plotting, planning what you can plant for the spring. I’m not a gardener and know very little about it so our garden has been a lot of trial and error. Although ours has happened organically there are some basic components that I’ve stumbled upon that I think are what makes it work. Best of all, they work all year round so it can even be a beautiful, cosy and inviting space in winter.


For me this is my cabin. It’s tucked away right at the back of the garden, and you can only catch glimpses of it from the house. It’s the tiniest nook under the greenery, the perfect place for getting away from it all. I do dream of a log burner in there but haven’t got round to it yet, so at the mo it’s a case of snuggling into the armchair with a sheepskin (or three!!). But it’s still a lovely spot to be plonked with coffee or for the aforementioned armchair gardening. I’m still dreaming and scheme about ways to make it even cooler. I even bought a book on Cabin Porn recently, so I’d be the first to admit I have a problem! But if you can build yourself a little outdoor retreat I’d say 100% go for it whether that’s a shed hideaway, outdoor studio, or summer hut. Here’s inspiration from Cabin Porn… it’s OK guys, this is safe to see at work!

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