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How to Style your 

Mantel at Christmas.

Enliven your Christmas home decor with a fireplace garland. Follow our guide to creating a fabulous mantle gathering to add that magical festive touch to your pad. 

Enliven your Christmas home decor with a fireplace garland.  Follow our guide to creating a fabulous mantel gathering to add that magical festive touch to your pad. 

“Making a feature of your mantel can totally elevate your room and turn it into a centrepiece that celebrates the festive season.

How to Style a Christmas Mantel

Whether you use fresh, faux or dried, layering your mantel with botanicals is a sure fire way to add real wow factor whatever your decor style.

Step One

Base Layer

Start the design by laying several faux Eucalyptus stem.  For this mantel garland Abi has used around 5. 

Step Two


Time to build the layers. Add the rest of the greenery in a variety of textures and colours.

Step Three

Final Touches 

Add the final touches such as the White Allium . These lift the gathering to another level as your eye has a solid shape to visually ground the whole arrangement.

Get creative and choose from our selection of Faux Botanicals, Dried Flowers & Grasses 
to make your own Fireplace Garland

Paint with...

Abi has painted out everything in this room with this sumptuous brown hue. The botanical gathering really stands out against this backdrop.  Feeling inspired?  Check out our recent journal post on 'Colour Drenching' to discover how to master this design feature and create the wow factor in your home.

How to re-Style your Christmas Mantel

After the festivities re-purpose your extra greenery into a fresh arrangement rather than lose them altogether. Gather them into a tall vase and use as a stylish anchor for accessories and sculpture.  Using botanicals in your home connects us to nature and evokes feelings of calm. 


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Be as creative as you dare by mixing some of our faux stems to fashion your own botanical mantel and vase arrangement. We've put together some of our favourites below to inspire you. 

Eucalyptus Trailing

Wild Berry Stem

Kalanchoe - Sagę

Amranthus Stem

Catkin - Green

Astilbe - Cream

Boxwood Stem

Bracken Fern

Arnie Sculpture

Panobo Vase

Bozeman Sculpture

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