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How to create a calming space that revives and restores.

How to create a calming space that revives and restores.

Our home environment plays a large role in our mental and physical health and the need for it to be somewhere we can retreat, revive and restore is super important.

Bedrooms need to serve us more than just somewhere we go to sleep. We want them to feel calm, prepare us for a good nights rest and provide a gentle introduction to the start of the next day.

A stylish bedroom with walls made from reclaimed wood, large bedside lamps and linen bedding with a chunky wool throw.  A table at the end of the bed with plants and sculpture.



the Right Mood.

As soon as you enter your bedroom you should feel like you're entering a calm retreat, somewhere that you feel your shoulders instantly lower and any stress disperses. Getting the basics right such as soft earthy paint colours, lovely linens and ambient lighting will ensure your bedroom feels tranquil and cocooning.

A bed made with dark linens with a waffle bedspread and matching cushion.  Behind the bed the wall is painted in a dark colour Crosby by Abigail Ahern  and a mirror in the made from bamboo in the shape of an eye.
A bed made with lots of cushions and a linen throw set against a background of a wall made with reclaimed wood

Cushions piled high

a bed made with dark teal linen bedding and a mid tone paint colour by Abigail Ahern called Cinder.

Saturated Hues

A cute dog lying on a bed made with a wool throw, faux fur cushion, linen bedding and pillows.

Slubby Linens

A bed made with dark linen next to a bedside table with a n oversized lamp with a shaggy texture.  The wall behind the bed is a dark colour by Abigail Ahern and decorated with a feather wall hanging

Lamps that Wow

A curved cream sofa draped with a sheepskin throw next to a table that has a leopard print pattern and housing a plant with a beaded chandeliier

"Create a special zone that will entice you to take time, meditate or get stuck into a good novel that transports you away from the every day hustle and bustle."

Stay a While.

Quite often, most of us head to the bedroom when we feel we're ready to jump straight into bed. Instead make it a place that you go to unwind. Introducing a reading nook or somewhere to sit is a great way of making us linger longer. 

a mustard gold velvet bench seat with metal legs

a cream sofa with a raffia lamp and 2 cushions in natural tones and textures
bedside table and raffia lamp with a Grecian style vase with 2 handles
a black dog sitting a curvy chair made from cream cord next to low round gold table with a  vase and flowers

AA Styling Tip

 Mastering the perfect bedroom space is all about 
combining textures 

Bedside Buddies.

Create enough space bedside to house your night-time essentials. Add a cute lamp, a tray for trinkets or reading glasses, and a coaster for your bedtime herbal or morning cuppa. 

a small bedside table with a lamp made from glass with a brown pleated shade

Hue Lamp

two trays with a marble pattern holding a pair of reading glasses with a dotty notebook and a shapely vase with artificial flowers

Magnus Trays

If possible, try to avoid having your phone in easy reach. Late night or early morning screen time is said to have a detrimental effect on our circadian rhythms and prevent us from having quality restorative sleep.

a leopard print table housing a lamp made from glass next to a small tray that has a raised line which looks like one side of a face.
a dark painted wall with a white curvy lamp next to some male sculpture in thoughtful pose resting on some books

Don't Forget 

to Accesorise. 

We often think of the bedroom as somewhere we spend most of our time with our eyes shut. For that reason decor and home accessories quite often get forgotten. Make sure you treat your night-time haven like your living room. Create vignettes, add art and adorn your walls with accessories that inspire and promote a mellow mood. 

a small round brass tray with decorative detail next to a vase with some artificial flowers and some reading glasses and a book about home

Claydon Tray

a bedside table and a large headboard housing a large ceramic German style vase next to a large head sculpture with a glass lamp with a pleated shade and a textured cushion that is brown with a raised cream pattern

Glenn Cushion

AA Styling Tip

Small Changes = Big Difference

Just a few small changes in your bedroom can really help to promote a good nights sleep, which is the foundation to our improving our wellness. Having a restorative end and revitalised start to the day can make a big impact on our daily lives, improving mood and health.
A dark bathroom with black tadelakt walls, a large round mirror sits above a black concrete rectangular sink .which is next to an artificial plants and stems of mimosa.

Create your Retreat.

As the bed is the main feature in the room and generally takes up the largest space we need to add wow factors. Layer the bed with throws, blankets and cushions in a mix of contrasting textures, think slubby wools, natural linens, smooth  and shaggy cottons in a mix of fabulous tonal colours and pattern. However, remember as cool as the bed area may be we need to focus on other areas too. if you want a cool space you have to add extras beyond just the bed. Even in the titchiest space you can still embellish your walls, decorate with skinny console, add amazing mirrors, accessories and lighting.

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