We all know the feeling when you get sick of your surroundings and tired of seeing the same things day in day out - the lack of inspiration is real and even I feel this sometimes. The ideal situation is to give your home a complete revamp, however I know this isn’t always do-able because of time, money or practicality; so here are my tips on small changes you can make to bring back life into your pad.
Change the layout
Moving around your furniture, homeware and art can make the world of difference to a room. Why not move that print in your bedroom to your living room or switch your rugs up? You get the gist - just use what you have in your house and get creative.
Colour it up
Don’t be scared of using colour on your walls. Take a chance and move away from white/beige/cream/magnolia (my worst nightmare) and throw a gorgeous inky ‘bottom of the lake’ shade that will completely reinvent your room. The ability of colour to transform surroundings, to excite, inspire, tantalise and calm, is second to none. Colour can give you a home that you will never want to leave.
Crosby | from £33
Botany is best
Plants are a big part of my life… if you haven’t already been able to tell. Faux botanicals breathe life into a room, without the hassle of upkeep. Whether it’s a small set of succulents to brighten up a shelf, or a huge banana tree which you can use as a centerpiece, there’s no doubt a gorgeous plant will change your space.
Sinai Cactus | £70