As we step into spring everyone is talking about pastel colours and neutral textiles – that is so not me! Don’t get me wrong, I love a splash of pink plush and rich plum but I am all about breaking those usual trendsetting seasonal rules.

To step aside from the usual Easter colours of spring, I am focusing on the power of monochrome – an art many people can not master. Do not fear, with my secret tips you will be set to go in no time.


Black and white is a classic colour couple that will always be in style. It is a great way to start a foundation for you to build upon. While monochrome is mostly about black, white, and gray I love adding in neutral colours to make a space feel warmer and add contrast.


You don’t have to go the whole hog to master monochrome. Try a little and scale it up or down from there. You could try having one statement piece you build upon and layer with heavy textiles or lighting. These guys have gone from a hint to all-out monochrome.


Monochrome isn’t always about black and white – mix it up with soft grays and darker grays to create depth. You will find by adding these new colours they will complement the space, and add a layered effect to the room.

If you want to really add drama to your space you could go all black – black walls, black ceiling and embellish with a dutiful scattering of bright coloured accessories. This will create a space that retains timeless style – bit like my sitting room below.

Monochrome will always be popular. Black and white has a classic elegance and a timeless edge that will never be out of Vogue.


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