5 Key steps to making your business thrive

We’ve been a little overwhelmed with the response to our newly created Business Consultancy Programme. Seems like entrepreneurs from around the world are keen to get our expertise to take their companies and in some cases concepts to the next level and the team and I are hugely excited to get to work! By the way we’re getting quite a few emails in asking if this package only applies to interiors based businesses and the answer is it doesn’t. We can help anyone from food/jewellery/fashion the list is endless.

Having a successful business can be learned you know, you don’t have to worry if you haven’t been to business school. So much is about developing a wining attitude and applying strategies and goals in incremental, measurable stages. If your business is floundering a bit and needs an injection of pizzazz here are some key tips that will help them thrive!

Love what you do

If you are not passionate about what you do, if you don’t live, breathe and dream about it then chances are you won’t succeed. I fundamentally believe that passion is reflected in the success of your business. It’s like its in your blood almost which I know sounds odd but I have always had this inner belief that all will come good. Even in our deepest, darkest times, I’ve always gotten up the next day with the determination that I will make it work!

Keep your nose to the grindstone.

For your business to thrive you have to stay motivated, not get side tracked and keep your nose to the grindstone. Often times there isn’t a fast track route to success but I’ve found if you plan every aspect of your business you can then monitor and analyse the success of each individual segments, working harder and drilling into each and every segment.

No one will discover you, make it happen

Get over the fact that the masses will embrace you, beat a path to your door, bow when you walk pass and buy everything you sell. It’s not going to happen. You need a plan, and you need a strategy and like I say all the time if it were that easy everyone would be doing it. Only you can shape the destiny of your company which is both scary and exciting no?

Level the playing field

I love this analogy – a business with 3 people can actually have just as a superior a website as a business with 100’s of people and get this nobody should know the difference. Make sure your website looks professional from the imagery to the font its all about first impressions, they really do count! I say this so much but you can’t DIY your website its the window to the outside world and it has to look super professional.

Invest in yourself

You are responsible for shaping your company’s destiny, so read, read and keep reading. The business section of the broadsheets, business and marketing books, journals, magazines, newsletters. These resources will help you improve your understanding of business. Education doesn’t stop at school there are always ways to do things better infact the best advice I can give you is never stop investing in the most powerful business tool out there – you!


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