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I’m starting January with lots of tips and my favourite decorating dos and don’ts. In this post I’ve pulled together my top 6 ways to upgrade any room, no matter your style. These are ideas that won’t and don’t go out of fashion- they’re not based on trends or what’s hot or not. They’re just perfect failsafe solutions to a ton of decorating conundrums. I use them tirelessly time and time again, so I’d like to encourage you to make these your decorating resolutions for the New Year. Happy decorating for 2017!

Monochrome Home by Hilary Robertson

1. Mix & match styles

I find that the most inspiring spaces pull from so many different vibes rather than just one look. In my opinion going with one vibe (say all rustic country farmhouse, or all rock star glam) feels too one-dimensional. If you have a preferred style that’s fab – but you should try adding in a touch of it’s style antithesis to make the space more intriguing. All high-end glam? Maybe add a boho element. All classic and trad? Try to chuck in just one thing that’s sleek and industrial. My own place is an utter mishmash, and I couldn’t be happier with it. For me, it’s a place of comfort and inspiration and more than that – it’s a constant work in progress. It’s never really done!


2. Give your windows some love

This is a finishing touch that I’ve overlooked a bit too much, I must admit! So I’m saying, please consider curtains. Up until last summer you would not have found me embracing curtains on any level. However, I’ve done a complete U-turn on them since they’ve been installed in my bedroom. Whilst I wouldn’t want them for every room I am obsessed with the shrouded, cosy and comfy feel they create in my bedroom. Suddenly my bedroom feels luxurious and restful. When they tie in with the wall colour I really think you create magic. So you might want to try out curtains, blinds, or remember to layer up the windowsill with beautiful plants and accessories.

Monochrome Home by Hilary Robertson

3. Add artwork

Artwork as we all know adds dimension, colour, and texture, enlivens blank walls and brings instant intrigue to any space. Only buy artwork that you love, never mind where it’s from or whether it’s “tasteful”. You’ll know instinctively whether or not you like it, so go with your gut! And my top tip – make sure it’s hung at the right height, which usually means the middle of the painting should be at eye level. Everyone tends to hang art too high, so it feels disconnected from the room. I’ve shared some of my tips for hanging artwork and my favourite sources for art here.

New_Store_003_0044retouch copy

4. Splurge on one thing you love this year

No one can buy everything on their decorating wish list in one hit (well you can if you’re loaded, but that’s not most of us!) so I suggest buying one or two amazing lust-list pieces a year. It might be a beautiful supersized mirror, a chandelier or sofa. Good things hold their value and will stay with you forever. I’ve had my sofa for over 15 years, my convex mirrors for 10. If you know you love it, it will be around forever. I think it’s important to treat yourself to something if you can’t get it out of your head. Before too long you will have a collection of beautiful things that will be with you forever!

#6 break out seating zone 2

5. Create zones in any room

No matter how big or how small your space is, try creating zones. Dividing up areas is the quickest way to transform a room into a cosy, snug inviting space. Please don’t leave all the furniture skimming the perimeter of walls  – instead create the odd seating nook for lingering with a good book or perhaps a glass of wine. It’s a game changer I tell you! Don’t be afraid to segment up a room, however small. This scares a lot of people but stay with me here. Anyone who has come to one of my design classes and hung out in my pad for the day will know that you actually can’t walk from one end of any of my rooms to another in a straight line, because there are zillions of little zones in your way.

abigail-ahern-keep-calm1-960x14406. Create Alice in Wonderland magic

It’s so simple this trick but it frightens everyone until they do it that is. Scale things up. If you have a large room, scale it up, a medium room scale it up, and a small room scale it up. I’m not talking everything; I’m talking the odd piece. It’s only then that you create magic. If everything is perfectly proportioned it reads like a big yawn and looks uptight – you need to break rules to get the coolest edgiest space on the planet. Maybe one giant lamp on a spindly side table, or a huge mirror or artwork. Enjoy the topsy turvy magic.

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