9 ways to make a small room appear bigger without actually knocking down walls!

How is this possible you ask? To create a bigger space without structurally knocking down walls. It’s all about illusion I tell you something I am pretty darn good at, if I dare say such a thing. Strategically placing furniture on an angle, getting the lighting plan right and being clever with colour will give you all the space you need

Here are my ultimate 9 tips to make small spaces feel like enormous spaces.

Invest in mirrors

Mirrors add depth, expand horizons and are actually one of the easiest ways of making small rooms appear larger. They literally add extra light and make small rooms appear H U G E!

Invest in storage

For years I’ve pushed back against having storage in rooms, as I’ve never found anything that looks cool. A sea of doors painted out looks flat and boring to me until I went with this combo, storage partnered with open shelving! All the ugly stuff goes away making my room feel bigger as I’ve limited the amount of stuff on show, but yet the space feels cool because I’ve added a ton of interest in the shelves.

Don’t buy everything to scale

One of the easiest ways of making a small room look even smaller is by introducing small-scale furniture.  Couple that with painting it white and it will look smaller still. Adding the odd oversized piece will make your room look and feel way more intriguing. Not only that it will distract the eye and take the attention away from the fact that it is small.  You don’t need much, maybe a larger lamp or pendant, or big vase. Add some intriguing dose of colour and suddenly you’re talking!

Re-arrange the furniture

If you put things on the angle like chairs flanking a fireplace it actually increases the sizeable illusion. Clever no?

Keep curtains in the same colour

If you are adding drapes or curtains to a room keep them the same colour as the walls. It avoids contrast and makes the room appear more seamless and cohesive. Not to mention painting out all skirtings, window frames in the same colour. Game changer

Layer up windowsills and outdoor spaces

If you can take the eye outside by putting plants on windowsills or layering up your outside space it will make inside feel much larger. Promise!

Add some leggy pieces

Pieces of furniture that are leggy as opposed too blocky create a sense of light and space, imperative in small rooms

Hang art up and over the door frame

This trick will create not only a super cool focal point it pushes the eye up and therefore makes the walls feel taller and grander than they really are!

Remove all doors

I have!  There are literally no doors on any of our rooms apart from the bathroom (obviously) and the bedroom although I’m pushing to have that one taken off! It totally increases the sense of space; it’s a game-changing trick.  If I’m honest I don’t really understand the door thing. Can’t stand them. The minute they’ve gone and you take your eye outside of the room elsewhere is the minute you get to create a much bigger space!

Simple no. See you later with the Biz column today it’s all about challenges more specifically marketing challenges, a simple little thing to do to increase revenue and stats!


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