Hi everybody, today I’d like to show you a collector’s pad in Ladbroke Grove. Bart Eyking is originally from Holland and he’s an architect, furniture designer and interior designer. He turns his eye to all sorts of projects – from coffee tables to marble napkin rings. His design philosophy is quite simple but his flat shows off a real maximalist hoarder’s streak, which of course I love! His big passion is art and antiques and he’s curated a pretty fab collection I must say. So without further ado, let me pass the floor over to Bart…

bart-1319Photography: Graham Turner

Welcome to my pad. It’s a first floor flat in Notting Hill. The flat is part of a period building on a wide tree lined street. I’ve been here for two years, and my fiancée Olivia is about to move in too.

My style in 5 words… A colourful meeting of new and old.



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