Morning, an early one for us  Gem is due here any min as there is heaps to go through. So large our lists that unless I break it down into little chunks, I think I may well have a breakdown.

Lets talk ageing  shall we, I’m talking homes here of course.  Anyone’s pad rocking some  droopy swoop valances, an excess of carpet, or some of those wide massive wallpaper borders (remember those?). If so you may be in a little bit of trouble as your house may be looking a little dated.

Trends come and go all the time which is why I hate following them. But every now and again a total style refresh is needed. This is more than just passing trends – it’s when an entire decorating vibe or zeitgeist has had it’s moment and is officially past it. 90’s minimalism springs to mind, for example! We all need to update and refresh every now and again just like we do our wardrobes or hair styles. Otherwise we’d still all have early-noughties’ poker straightened hair, and weird shrunken waistcoats. Although thinking out loud I don’t think I have actually changed my hair style since the 90’s, yikes! Curls are a pain in the ass, bed looking hair is something I’ve just had to come to terms with.

I digress. You’ll know intuitively if your place is feeling dated or frumpy, so if you’re looking to update now is the time!
Get style savvy

First up, figure out your style. Knowing your personal style will mean that you won’t be a slave to trends, you’ll be thinking uniquely, personally and you’ll be able to look beyond the current season. Take some time to think what styles do you love, which hues, furniture pieces that have stood the test of time– build on your list of decorating likes. Pinterest is your friend here!

Themes are a no

Ditch themes. If you love nautical SEEK HELP. Sorry I’m teasing, ahem… if you love nautical or tribal or retro scatter in some accents, but don’t build an entire room around themes. It will just date so quickly. Mix it up and introduce elements that will you will never get bored with, and your room will never feel tired. Simple no?

Commit to colour

Pick a colour. By this I mean a base that all other colours are built from. Darks and neutrals will never really go out of fashion and they are perfect for warming up or cooling down – do that and you’ll easily survive the “ins and outs” of every season.

Embrace change

Things don’t have to stay the same way forever. Be open to change, go with the flow and embrace newness. I do all the time, it keeps my interiors alive. I might update an artwork, add some new blooms, pop in a few t-lights, change out the hardware – little details that make all the difference.

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