Amp up your front of house!

Question why is it we spend ages figuring out the best paint palette for inside and yet we totally forget or neglect the outside. We just go with the flow -ubiquitous white or cream or something super wishy washy!

AND YET if you want your home to convey your super cool aesthetic take it up a notch by updating your colour palette outside! I’m not talking going from white to a beige haze, I’m talking going out all out ballsy, or swampy, I’m talking taking a risk! Since we painted the outside of our pad black I can’t even count how many complements we’ve had. Notes through the door, mouths open its been quite strange really because I don’t think it’s that radical maybe that’s me?

It’s certainly upped the style stacks in our road. The yew hedge, clouds of box and the big old fig look beautiful framed against my inky dark exterior walls.  Now when I walk around the streets with the 2 M’s on our neighbourhood afternoon strolls we love counting just how many other homes have converted to the dark side!


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