Announcing my latest furniture collection for

I am hugely excited to announce my very first collaboration of furniture with I have designed a capsule collection of furniture which includes the most beautiful circular (yes circular) club style swivel chair, two beautifully upholstered bench seats and a sofa. The Abigail (sofa), Stanley (swivel chair), Maud & Celeste (X-benches) are exclusively available from in over 100 different fabrics.


The Abigail sofa

How cool is it to have a sofa named after you! I am so pleased and excited with this piece because for me The Abigail is a forever sofa. It’s the sort of sofa where you can sip a martini on a Friday eve, hang out with friends in the week or simply watch Strictly with the family on the weekend! I’ve upholstered mine in the most sumptuous velvet (Baltic roosevelt velvet), but of course when it comes to upholstery your choices are endless.



The Stanley armchair

Mad Men and that whole era inspired this chair; I wanted something visually gorgeous that shouted pure seduction and is that is The Stanley. It’s classy, sensual and adds an immediate flair to any space. It envelops you as you sink into it and cocoons you from the outside world. Love! I went velvet again, with Hudson roosevelt velvet. 


Celeste & Maud footstools

Having lived in American for quite a few years I became a bit obsessed with X-benches so I had to include these footstools in my collection, as they are the most multi talented pieces of furniture you can ever own. The Celeste and Maud, (yes Maud even has a piece of furniture named after her!) are perfect to put your feet up on, perfect as a glamorous addition at the foot of the bed or as an impromptu perch for all those parties that are about to happen this season. Told you they were multi- talented.

It’s taken little short of a year to develop, design, prototype and finally launch my collection online, but it’s one of the most exciting things I’ve done. My very first collection of furniture, think I might just be doing a bit of celebrating about that later!


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