Art Walls

I am pretty obsessed with them as nothing adds personality to a space like a good old wall of art. If you are starting from scratch it can be daunting – but once you start it gets pretty addictive. With so many good sites out there etsy, ebay, artists studios, prints from high street retailers (I sourced a fab Rothko print from John Lewis the other day as well as the sweetest Picasso sketch) there literally is no excuse. Mix up styles, mix up frames and let your collection evolve.

Imagine how different this space would look without the interesting selection of art enhancing the walls.

You home is a reflection of you so art is a great way of showcasing your personality. Plus art adds  fabulous shots of colour and texture whether that is one large piece or a series of works.

Happy weekend I am late,  typing this snuggling Maud in bed when I should be pounding the treadmill and then swimming 40 lengths!

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