It’s Monday, and like me, you can probably do with a quick power nap. The rain would suggest summer is well and truly over and this got me thinking of bedding, duvet days and the importance of how your bedroom makes you feel. So, I thought I would put together my perfect bed styling ideas for autumn. Enjoy…

Image: Nugwiffe


I think beautiful, calming hues are best in the bedroom. Grey is definitely the new neutral. Personally, I will always go darker, but it’s great to see a move away from beige! I love the richness of this bottom of the lake grey – just beautiful – it’s very much like my Madison Grey paint.


Image: Elle Decor


Linen sheets are an absolute must, in my humble opinion. Cool in the summer and so soft and warm in the winter – the perfect bed partner.


Image: Elle Decor


I love playing with textures and layers in my pad, it makes a space feel instantly luxurious and rich with character. This Elle Decor room has oodles of things going on adding drama and intrigue to this bedroom, making you want to jump and snuggle in.

Image: My bedroom


Last but by no means least, yes, I have shamefully included my own bedroom. I have to, I have to tell you about my secret paint tips. I absolutely always go for the one colour look, because it really opens up the room. If you paint everything out in the same colour – walls, floor, ceilings, woodwork, windows, radiators, literally everything! – it removes boundaries and instantly creates the illusion of more space.