Best Collab’s on the highstreet

The high street is an exciting place to shop right now for interior pieces. Collaborations are rife think Kit Kemp for Anthropologie, Matthew Williamson and myself (amongst others for Debenhams) there is a lot to choose from. Collaborations are fabulous tools both for the retailers (they help lift price points, create a buzz and increase footfall) and for brands like my own. They are amazing exposure for getting more eyes on your brand and elevating it to new heights. Debenhams alone has 148 stores so getting my collection in new geographical regions has been fantastic exposure not to mention the cash flow generated helping me to then create and design more and more own label pieces and move my business on up.

When my first collection hit the stores a lot of the pieces sold out within four days we were all so flabbergasted! Many of the pieces to this day go out of stock pretty quickly. Just to warn you guys the majority of my Debenhams collection is designed purely for the season S/S or A/W so 5, 6 months at most and then its completely changed and not re-issued. Keeps things fresh and keeps things moving. So I am the hugest fan for collaborations I think it’s an amazing way for retailers and designers to bring something different to the table.

Talking of which the latest collaboration to cause a buzz is that between Ilse Crawford and Ikea. Think cork and natural fibre homeware products. Neutral colours abound, and the products range from larger items think cork-covered tables to  daybeds to hand blown glass bottles. I’m obsessed with the cork, its used in thin layers to cover table tops and seats as well as jars and bases for lamps.

In stores and online from August, see you in the queue!







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