Big ideas for small kitchens

Limited space doesn’t mean limited style. If your kitchen happens to be small then rather than worrying about how small the space may be let’s instead focus on how cool the space could be!0

First up you need to inject character. Small kitchens don’€™t have much space to show off but that doesn’€™t mean they can€’t. Give a small kitchen more character by varying the materials. For example zinc worktops coupled with painted doors, or wooden shelves paired with industrial units and touches of brass and marble. It’€™s the mix of materials that will give your kitchen oodles of character.


I say this all the time but it you want to create a kitchen that is enjoyable to hang out in, accessorise it like your living room. My sister Gem’s kitchen has been transformed by simple tricks. Check out the wallpaper, the super cool rug (an IKEA find) the beaded chandelier, and fab flea market chairs. Stuff this cool shouldn’t just be reserved for the living room.


Keep the colour scheme restricted. I’€™m a big fan of colour but when it comes to small kitchens rather than highlighting units in some bright pop I would pare back the palette. The units almost blur and merge into the walls, which is exactly what you want to be doing with a small space.


Open shelving really helps a small kitchen out. Rather than having a sea of cupboard doors which will make the kitchen appear even smaller go open plan. Stack utensils, pantry suppliers, crockery and cutlery on open shelves. Make use of hanging rails, use the vertical space. Minimally decorated kitchens look small, period!! Kitchens on the other hand with oodles of things in distract the eye, there’s so much more to see that you won’t even notice the space is small.

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