Work your butt off

It’s not glamorous, it’s gritty, it’s tough and you need nerves of steel but if you work hard things do happen.

You’re never too old to rethink your career

I coasted for a good number of years before I knew what I wanted to do. I didn’t open my first retail store till the age of 34. Don’t worry if you didn’t go to college or you’ve started out as a banker and now want to pack it in to be a baker. Just change things up if you feel stuck in a rut. A top-notch college education isn’t requisite for success, nor do you need to be stuck in field you want to get out of. Most people don’t land their dream job from the get go – we all have to start somewhere.

Don’t rely on lucky breaks

No one’s guaranteed success, and however good you are there’s nothing special enough to make you the exception. No one is suddenly going to discover you, rock up wave a magic wand and give you everything you want. You have to work at it, it’s slow so you’ll need a heap of patience.

Be a team player

In my team everyone has to pitch in, whether it’s in their job description or not, some happily, some not so but taking up the slack makes you a team player and indispensable.

Do something that you love

I honestly believe it’s impossible to succeed if you don’t have an ungodly amount of obsession.

Don’t be late

Sometimes it’s unavoidable, but repeatedly predictably late is the quickest way to let your boss know you don’t really care about your job. Get up earlier, leave earlier or go do something else.

Be entrepreneurial

You might not be the boss but that doesn’t mean you can’t take risks, suggest new practices and ideas and move quickly on from failures, you’ll make it up the chain far quicker.



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