The thing I love about being a sticky beak (Aussie slang for a nosey parker!) is that it takes you occasionally out of your comfort zone. Case in point designer Ditte Lamptey’s Copenhagen home which recently graced the pages of Elle Decoration. Now I’m normally not one for mint and pink hues, but this interior took my breath away. One of the reasons I think I am so obsessed with interiors is because you never actually stop being surprised, or learning or looking at something in a new light. Adding colour to walls or accessories is the sharpest way to add instant intrigue to an interior and everyone I reckon should be doing it. Colours facilitate instant emotional responses and as you’ll see from Ditte Lamptey’s pad we should all be embracing colour in new ways! Painting walls out in hues slightly out of our comfort zones (pink and red anyone)? is liberating stuff I reckon!

So before my COLOUR book comes out tomorrow (eek!!!), I thought I’d share a sneak peek with you. Here are some of my all-time favourite colour combos, with a nod to pink and mint in honour of Ditte’s pad:



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