I’ve been dreaming of the simpler life lately – a slower pace, an idyllic view, and a day or two out of the frantic scramble of work/life/London. It’s probably all a result of my crazy schedule, what with shop refits and back to back biz trips which are the exact opposite of a holiday (flying to Singapore this afternoon!). A seaside holiday is just wistful thinking at this point, but in amongst my search for possible holiday getaways I found this gorgeous cottage and thought I’d share with you guys. We can all dream of holidaying right?

The cottage is called Siren and it’s nestled away in a cute little seaside corner of Cornwall, Lizard Peninsula no less. The view alone would be enough to sell it to me, but the interiors were so cool. No cliched oars and anchors seaside motifs here, no sir! Instead think bold colour and a smattering of pattern, ferns in vintage brass hanging terrariums and glamorous bar carts, sumptuous velvets and wickerwork finds. It’s just the right amount of eclectic colour, boho-chic and tongue in cheek whimsy. The website describes the style as “an amalgamation of vintage glamour and bohemian free-spiritedness, the idyllic beachside haven for gypsetter-types.” Just about nails it, I reckon. I can just imagine curling up in the wicker chair with a book, or firing up the logburner after a long windswept day on the beach, kicking back on the blush velvet sofas and drinking in that view (along with a good G&T!).

Cheers to that. Happy Wednesday everyone – hope this holiday dreaming gets you through Hump day OK!


Photography from, + 44 (0) 1637 881183


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