Creating curb appeal

Morning, I thought I might focus on the front of house today because its one of those areas that when you’ve you change it wham bam you’ve suddenly upgraded the whole house.

The minute we painted the outside of ours black I knew we had made the right decision, people actually knock on the door now and ask for the paint colour. Or stand outside and gawp (not sure if that is good or bad, presuming good).  Houses in the area or following in our footsteps, when Maud, Mung’s and I take our afternoon stroll we play count the number of black houses in Dalston!

Anyways I digress, you don’t need to paint the whole house just upgrading the colour on the front door makes a huge difference, or sticking some containers outside to soften the space will immediately make it feel warm and welcoming. Once our neighbours next door have finished their epic renovation I’m planning on a quick repaint and then the addition of some of our moss dogs at the foot of the steps which I think will look really cool! We did something any estate agent would loose sleep over and that is turn the car porch into a front garden and its the best thing we have done to this house. It means when I cook I now look out at a big huge fig, balls of box and containers overflowing with hydrangeas, rather than a car. You can barely see us from the street so even in the depths of winter rather than closing the shutters the front space gets lit and it draws the eye outside. I love it – an image below of Fraudie (otherwise known as Maud and I taking a stroll). Not sure where Mungo wasn’t with us – but hey


nnLove the door colour and all the planting.

nSee how dark colours make the foliage just pop out, its funny why people get so scared of them. Summer or winter they look amazing inside or out!

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