Big thank you to everyone who attended my Design School on Saturday – such a fab day thank you guys. I thought I might talk bedrooms this morning as I’m thinking of actually going back to bed, have a bit of a thumping headache this morn.

You don’t need oodles of money to create a sumptuous bedroom (style has little to do with that as we all know) and the biggest tip I can give you is to make it feel relaxed and welcoming – not uptight. Flick through some magazines and you’ll see beds elaborately styled with tons of pillows, perfectly ironed sheets, matching bedside tables and lamps (go directly to jail if everything matches)   overly decorated bedrooms that don’t feel lived in and loved.

I always go for square pillows – not a fan of rectangular ones. They are bigger so they immediately look more impressive and I always go for four. Years ago it was really hard finding square pillows/pillowcases, nowadays it’s slightly more normal and it totally changes the beds landscape.

Lighting – if you have an overhead like I do all very well but it cannot be the main light source. I say this a zillion times so forgive but pendants or chandeliers should be thought of as co conspirators when it comes to your lighting scheme. Back them up with table lamps, wall lights, floor, even candles.

Add a reflective surface nothing makes a bedroom feel a tad more glam than something a little shiny. Could be something like a console, a vase, mirrors anything really.

Consider swapping standard white bedding for a colour. Merci in Paris have amazing bedding as I’ve said plenty of times. It is not cheap but the thing with linen is that it lasts forever, it ages beautifully and it completely transformed our bedroom when I changed up the sheets. Or add a throw to soften the landscape of the bed. You don’t have to you will see an image of Jenna Lyon’s bedroom shortly below that has white linen and it looks super cool!

Texture as we all know makes bedrooms instantly luxurious the more friction you can create with your interplay of textures the more amazing. One of my fav bedrooms belongs to Jenna Lyons (who has subsequently moved) but the image is below.

v1My best bedroom is mine (am I allowed to say that). Well I just did!  I love it infact I’m popping back to bed for an hour to try and get rid of this headache. See you in a bit


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