The low down on coffee tables


Do you want it to be the star of the show like my sisters one below, in which case something in a blingy colour or fabric will look super cool!


b2Do you need it to warm the room up a tad, if so  consider something upholstered? I’m on the fence with this super sized upholstered ottoman look!  They feel too cumbersome somehow, not sure what you guys think? Maybe it’s just me!

bOn the other hand you could go circular like mine in a neutral  so that it just quietly complements the scheme. This really depends on what else is going on in the room by the way.  I’ve got bright chairs so a bright table wouldn’t work but if you happen to have a neutral sofa/chairs then it certainly does as you can see Gem’s pad! I’ve used an old African drum which double duties now as a mini library with all the books I’ve still got to read.


b3aDoes it need to be practical (i.e. hold storage) used as an impromptu seat for an extra guest? Questions questions

To everyone coming along to my Design School on the weekend, cannot wait to meet you guys! To everyone else have a lovely weekend xx?

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