As you guys probably know already I have an outdoor WWOO kitchen with which I am obsessed. I had no idea how transformative this would be – a grill and a pair of tongs did me fine for years – except when the kitchen was installed it changed everything. I now grill year round and we spend lots more time outdoors.

One of the best things about my little kitchen spot though is that it’s totally extended my living area. Double height glass doors lead out to the garden and the whole space now feels so much bigger as there is a whole other living area just outside. So today on a sweltering hot day (hottest of the year apparently!) when all I want to do is get outside and I’m gazing longingly at the garden from my desk, I thought why not talk outdoor rooms?

Abigail Ahern's garden

Remember to add comforting things like chairs, little tables so it feels welcoming and cosy. Make sure your outdoor furnishings fit in with your garden – think of the foliage and greenery as your palette and main decorating scheme, then find pieces that will fit beautifully. For example our garden is quite lush with a lot of green foliage so I’ve extended the jasmine along the top walls of the kitchen to make it fit in with the surroundings its not standing out like a sore thumb basically. The furniture is quite primitive and chunky (in a good way) – think metals, ebonised wood, linens and sheepskins that I pile up when we’re spending the evening outdoors.


Abigail Ahern green garden with Maud the dog


Choose outdoor materials that are beautiful as well as durable. As well as the most incredible wood-look decking (I love it so much I even put it in the new store!) I've gone mostly for concrete outdoors. It's perfect in all weathers, low maintenance, durable, tough and literally requires nothing doing to it. The concrete is also dark so it blends into the interior really beautifully.


Abigail Ahern garden design inspiration


The kitchen itself is crafted from concrete it has shelves housing firewood, a stainless firebox for a Dutch oven and a Big Green Egg. The BGE is a whole other topic I could nerd on about it forever – it’s basically a modern version of the kamado cooker capable of achieving both high and low temps. You can totally create an outdoor kitchen with a portable grill, table and chairs you don’t need anything fixed, but the big tip when creating any space outside is to plan it like you would an indoor room.

Abigail Ahern graden inspiration

Like any room, think about the details - lighting, accessories, little tables, pot plants are all integral to your scheme. Layers basically the more layers the more intrigue. Lighting in particular is a game changer for outside spaces it creates such a soft ambience and sets such a wondrous mood that I don’t understand why people don’t light their gardens more. Do it I say it will change your life!

All the pictures here are my garden snaps, and you can see more over on my instagram @abigailahern. More of the garden to be revealed soon!

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