Creating Stylish Homes on a Budget

Sounds like an impossible ask I know creating a room or a home without spending bucket loads of spondolies. It’s not however, it might take patience, and a few tricks of the trade but at the end of the day you won’t be able to tell the difference.  At least that is my plan!

Shop smart

By this I mean frequent flea markets, auction houses, second-hand stores, yard sales, online sites like eBay – put them on your radar they have the best bargains. Older pieces are often sturdier and have a greater level of craftsmanship often times only needing a bit of a sand or new paint job.

Pep up your space with colour

Colour is transformative, in fact it’s the most transformative thing you can do to anything so utilise it. Paint a wall in a hue that tantalises, add some textiles, or art with statement worthy colour choices, it will perk up your home like nothing else.

Luxury for less

I say this a lot but its game changing to up scale things. Rather than opting for say 40cm or 50cm cushions go for 60cm!  I do this all the time it makes sofas and chairs feel far grander than they really are. Raise a floor lamp off the floor to elevate its status, plonk a super large plant on a console – upscale!

Go square

Talking of pillows for the bed consider square ones as opposed to rectangular. Meatier, blockier I much prefer them and now literally everyone sells square pillowcases! When I first had them 12 or so years ago now it was literally impossible to find anyone who sold them but I am the biggest fan!


Repurposing is fun, a bit of MDF can be turned into a head-board, an old picture frame can be reinvented by spraying it a cool colour – once you start there is no stopping!

Think big

Go to the art store buy the biggest canvas you can and then paint it in one colour à la Rothko. Nailed!


The speediest way to give a room a new look on the cheap whether that’s the whole shebang or just an alcove is via paint. You don’t need a lot for the transformation but it’s the most radical thing you can do. EVER


Often times (and I say this a lot) the biggest changes don’t occur when you chuck everything out and start again they begin when you start thinking differently about things. Using oddball colours, repurposing, spraying something, and hanging wallpaper as you would an artwork. Decorating on a budget shouldn’t make your décor look any less drool worthy than if you had zillions. Yes it takes more time but that is the fun part right?


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