Creating the perfect Christmas Tree

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas here! I love decorating and get asked quite a lot about how to pull off a super stylish tree. Firstly before anything else I always plump for a real one, as the fragrance is intoxicating and nothing can substitute the pine scent. With a fairly crazy schedule I get my trees delivered from Pines and Needles, not only because they deliver straight to the door but also because all the trees are sustainably grown and they are beautiful. Being a bit of a fusspot I always go for a Nordmann Fir, think glossy dark blue-y green leaves (beautiful), which gives the tree its two-tone depth.  If you do order from Pines and Needles make sure you use the code AHERN14 on their site and you’ll get a free mini tree with your order. I’ve potted mine outside!

Once you’ve got a beautiful tree, here’s how to decorate…

Oversized or tiny?

For me it’s one or the other. It’s always cool to play with scale, and opting for a larger tree than you normally would use for the space creates so much more impact I feel. It looks grander, cooler and totally sets the tone. I used a 6ft tree in the smallest nook of my house.

Conversely the other thing I do is go for lots of little tiny small trees that I plop all over the place from little tables next to sofas, to the kitchen island. The effect is just as stunning.

Stick with a theme

I tend to keep it quite simple when it comes to decorating trees. So white lights always – never coloured, and then the odd bauble to add some sparkle. I don’t like to overload with artificial decorations, but use lots of nature inspired pieces like fir cones, cinnamon sticks or dried apples.

I know I am always advocating to mix not match in interiors however when it comes to the tree you need a unifying theme whether that’s through colour, shape, theme or texture as it will help unite the design and not make it look like a hot mess.

Don’t forget the rest of the room

Extend the decoration love beyond the tree. I absolutely love these glam gold and silver hammered-effect tree ornaments from Occa-Home. I’ve put them on a shelf where they sit glimmering away! When I ordered them Occa also sent me some gorgeous antique baubles and cute little jars filled with mistletoe.

Echo the colour

In order to make your tree feel more sophisticated, pick up some of the colours in the rest of your room and echo these in your tree. There’s no rule that you have to stick to red and green – if your pad has teal blues or pops of hot pink these will look incredible on the tree too. Repeating your colour scheme will harmonise and look fabulous.

Happy tree decorating!




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