Cushions on couches

One of the easiest things you can do in transforming or revamping a room. Relatively inexpensive they add colour, depth, pattern and comfort to any couch. You don’t need an interior designer (am doing myself out of a job here) they are super easy to move about and give any piece of furniture an instant facelift. Any sofa without cushions looks and feels in my opinion a little undressed (and please one cushion stuck either end of the sofa does not count)! I’ve gone for three up one end and one down the other – angle them and punch them in the center to loosen them up a bit (top styling tip). Variety is the key – mix up sizes, patterns and textures. If you haven’t got alot of pattern going on cushions are the perfect opportunity to introduce some, the same with colour if you sofa is neutral then select textiles that really pop out and draw your eye in. Below a fabulous sofa totally and utterly enlivened and transformed by the textiles.

Photography by Chris Court:

Imagine this space without the cushions wouldn’t look half as amazing.

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