Decorating out of your comfort zone

Forgive the slightly later post this morning. It’s a bit of an odd day today as Gem and I fly to Asia early evening for the quickest trip  and I am a little behind schedule with everything.

I wanted to talk about decorating outside your comfort zone this morning, because I happen to do it a lot. Go out of my comfort zone that is, especially on flying days (not the biggest fan of flying but there is little I can do about that!). I digress, I decided that 2015 was going to be the year to kick ass: in business, in life and in decorating at least! That’s my mantra, and so far so good.

Do you guys ever feel in a bit of rut interior speaking? When you walk into your home do you feel inspired and happy, does your heart skip a beat? If not, it’s time for a revamp. Change isn’t always easy but I’ve found from experience you only really achieve great things when you leave the safety net. SO here are some game changers:

Add new art

How often do you add new art? If you are like me its something that gets neglected for years. I am on a mission this year to build a comprehensive art collection here at home. I’m making myself take in an art show, find student work, buy prints, visit galleries – art on walls transforms them no question about that!


Be more daring

Add something in a bright colour or fabulous print. Could be something small like a stool or large like a table? Pushing the style envelope is all about not following convention and charting your own path. I used to plump for big pieces in bright hues and recently I’ve reined it in and generally gone for smaller stuff in the brights, but either works.

Colour outside of the lines

Choose a hue that makes you happy and then mirror that throughout the room. Lush teal, inky dark green, swampy brown – opt for colours that make your happy.


Change your table shape

Change up the shape of one of your tables . Oval or round are great if you’ve got a lot of square or rectangular ones. Add in a few upholstered dining chairs to go along side wooden ones for instance. I’ve recently swapped out my old wooden round table for much larger oval granite one and it’s like a breath of fresh air. Even though it’s much bigger it’s given me more space because it’s not so wide.

Rework your vignettes

Small changes have just as much impact as large so if you’re a little bored with a room sweat the small stuff first like revamping a coffee table, set of shelves or mantle. Play around with the objects you have, remember not to leave many gaps instead cluster and play around with heights.

Back later with House Crush but in the meantime I have to go pack, it’s 27 degrees where I’m a-heading!


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