Decorating with colour

So so late this morning far to many episodes last night of The Killing made all three of us oversleep and wham bam its 9am and I’ve only just started the day. Fine tuning my seminar for next week in Melbourne all about how to create emotive interiors. I’ve said it before and pretty sure I shall say it again but colour is the most transformative thing you do can do to a space if you want to add some emotional content to your pad. It changes faceless rooms into spectacular rooms. It can be bold, blingy and fabulous or soft, neutral and lets face it not so fabulous! It can turn the simplest abode into an edgy, sophisticated den in which to hunker down. I’m a lover of sludgy, inky hues as my background palette and then ramped up with some high voltage hues. I guess because I have this thing about wanting a space that sort of whiffs of old gentleman’s club – an old world, private dining room type feel   but un stuffy fied (yes I know there is no such word). I love nothing better than adding some flirty colours into the mix (think barbie esq pink, scarlet a big dose of teal) to lighten the mood. There is simply no quicker or cheaper way of transforming a space than through paint and through colour. Talking of which I must produce a paint range – its just struck me as a terribly good idea and would so make my ambition of converting the whole world over to the dark side just a little bit easier. Perhaps?

Below is Adam Straus’s pad in LA decorated in a beautiful sludgy palette as showcased in Lonny this month. The most exciting thing is its in LA land of the neutral palette – just because you live in sunny climes doesn’t mean everything has to be white as Adam has so expertly shown. Adore it.


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