Decorating with Tiles

Happy Friday. I’m thinking of actually taking the day off today and having a three-day weekend. G and I have not had a weekend off since before Christmas we have either been painting or working, working or painting and I’m a little done in. I’ve got couriers and cleaners arriving so I wasn’t planning on doing much today just housey stuff, like I fancy baking some new healthy nut bars and making granola and pottering in the garden that kind of stuff. I thought I would kick start the day off with an early morning swim at the lido at the bottom of my road. I went yesterday having not gone for months and had forgotten that complete sense of well being you feel when you get out. It’s the getting in that isn’t so fun!

Anyways that is my intention, I am sure something will come up and disrupt the plan but then I guess I just don’t look at email right? Not always so easy.

I thought I might touch upon pattern this morning and more specifically patterned tiles. Not many of us use them me included and yet they are so very beautiful. I guess the fear is that they can appear overwhelming dominating a room with their loud rhythmic patterns. I’m actually thinking of using them as a splash back to my sinks in the bathroom and kitchen so they are on my research list. They are also good in wet areas like bathrooms, loos even outdoor terraces. You could also tile a chimneybreast a bath panel the list is pretty endless actually.

If you opt for a bold pattern keep the rest of the scheme low key because I don’t know about you but I want each and everyone of my spaces to feel beautiful not crazy. If I had my time again I would tile the hallway.  The amount of dirt and mess the two M’s bring in from their walks would be swept up in a jiffy with a patterned under heated floor. Maybe some day hey, in the meantime I shall dream!

Some images to inspire below from




t4Have a lovely weekend x

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