Fabulous press and some yabbering

Crazy weekend where we woke at 5 and didn’t stop until 7 and probably sat down all of 30mintues both days. Have we finished? Nope,  but we’ve turned a corner, I’ve had to eliminate a few things  like  planting huge jasmine  in the back garden, painting the front of the house and adding shelves to the bathroom oh and completely ignoring my dressing room which is the new dumping ground! BUT I’ve also added a few things like hiring a scaffolding tower in order to hang a rug over 2 floors, running to an antiques market tomorrow to find lights (I’ve got 7 going on in the bedroom and its still not enough) and hopefully installing a huge chandelier which is in transit from South Africa. So its swings and roundabouts. Its also supposed to bucket down today and Wednesday which means I don’t have to water the gardens with a watering can (added bonus), thank you weather!

We have had some amazing press over the last few days, which I wanted to share. My Australian friend Cam, who was in town for a week last week, went on to the Milan furniture fair and emailed me to say Miss Maud and I are on the FRONT COVER with a spread inside in D CASA Magazine which is at each Interni Design location + showroom in Milan. Yay hay how exciting is that!


Maud now has such a big head, she wants breakfast in bed (no chance) Lily’s kitchen all over the duvet is so not happening! She wants to be carried back from walks (parks are fun, pavements are boring) have actually done this I hate to admit and more.

Also in the magazine The Lady another  lovely article, thank you guys, overwhelmed with all the fed back at the moment. More people than ever are coming into the store, ordering stuff  online and embracing our world. Its so exciting I can’t tell you.

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