Five colour experiments to try now

Morning, its so nice to be home, it was our craziest, busiest, shortest but best trip ever. Please forgive me for not responding to comments quickly. Our heads were crowded with plans, ideas and concepts as we travelled throughout China. We had meeting after meeting, I put us on the craziest schedule, 2 hours here, 3 hours across country over there bonkers. We travelled by car to some places (6 hours to one meeting) with a driver who was nodding off at the wheel (not good) only to get into another car to be driven one handed thorough quite mountainous terrain as another driver was picking at his chin with a pair of tweezers, the whole time! It was bizarre to say the least! But i’m back and there has been a lot of snuggling of the M’s, although Maud as usual totally ignored me for the first 3 hours!

So as everyone knows the world over I reckon I am pretty obsessed with colour. The swampier and more bottom of the lake ish the better in my book! I say it a lot but colour really is the most transformative thing you can do to anything ever. Its personal of course, I’m not into brights so much, or pastels but just because it’s not my bag doesn’t mean it’s not fabulous. It really depends on the vibe you want to create and I happen to gravitate towards sophisticated glam which you can’t get with brights or pales for that matter. I’m digressing (jet lag) here are some five minute lazy Sunday afternoon ways to introduce colour to your pad!

Gloss a wall: In the same hue as the rest of your walls but in a different finish. I’ve done it on ceilings a lot (not in my pad regrettably) the plaster walls are original (1860’s) so every blemish will show up but in lots of clients spaces. The light that bounces off is truly magical.

Paint a door: Doors are boring I have a huge aversion to them, which is why there are none in my pad apart from bedrooms and bathrooms. If yours are super dull how about painting them out in an unusual finish. Gold metallic anyone?

Metallic anything: Talking of metallics how about painting out a piece of furniture, kitchen cupboards, alcoves it will catch the light beautifully and you can change it in next to no time!

Roll up your sleeves: Grab a brush, roll up your sleeves and forget about that stupid myth that dark colours make small rooms feel ‘smaller’ Seriously irritates the hell out of me that myth! Dark hues add intrigue, drama and mystery to a space. This weekend I’m on the cabin in the back of our garden which is as small as. I’m painting the ceiling back, cladding the walls in slate and the windows and floors are going black also. Cannot wait!

Put down your paintbrush:Am I confusing you having told you to pick it up? If you can’t because you’re renting or you can’t be bothered (WHY may I ask) add colour via your accessories. I’m talking big colourful art, throws, pillows, rugs, occasional chairs, and lamps. The world as they say is your oyster when it comes to colour!


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